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Result of Annual General Meeting

12 June 2019

Anexo Group plc (AIM: ANX), the specialist integrated credit hire and legal services provider, announces that at the Company's Annual General Meeting held earlier today, all resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed and approved on a show of hands at the meeting. The results of the proxy voting position received in advance of the meeting are reported below.

ResolutionVotes for%Votes against%Chairman's Discretion%Votes withheld
1. Ordinary Resolution - to approve the Annual Report and Accounts97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
2. Ordinary Resolution - to approve the final dividend97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
3. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Alan Sellers as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
4. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Mark Bringloe as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
5. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Samantha Moss as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
6. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Christopher Houghton as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
7. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Roger Barlow as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
8. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Richard Pratt as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
9. Ordinary Resolution - to re-elect Elizabeth Sands as a Director97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
10. Ordinary Resolution - to re-appoint RSM UK Audit LLP as auditors97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
11. Ordinary Resolution - to authorise the Directors to determine the auditor's fees97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
12. Ordinary Resolution - to authorise the Directors to allot shares97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0
13. Special Resolution - to authorise the Directors to disapply pre-emption rights in certain circumstances94,813,60489.82%3,091,5002.93%7,650,0037.25%0
14. Special Resolution - to authorise the Directors to make market purchases of the Company's own Ordinary shares97,905,10492.75%00%7,650,0037.25%0


A vote withheld is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of the percentage of the votes validly cast for or against a resolution.

All resolutions put to the meeting were carried.

As at the time of the meeting, the Company had 110,000,000 ordinary shares of 0.05 pence each in issue and as such this has been used to calculate the percentage of votes in favour or against each resolution. Each of these shares carry one vote. The Company held no shares in treasury.


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Notes to Editors:

Anexo is a specialist integrated credit hire and legal services provider. The Group has created a unique business model by combining a direct capture Credit Hire business with a wholly owned Legal Services firm. The integrated business targets the impecunious not at fault motorist, referring to those who do not have the financial means or access to a replacement vehicle.

Through its dedicated Credit Hire sales team and network of 1,100 plus active referrers around the UK, Anexo provides customers with an end-to-end service including the provision of Credit Hire vehicles, assistance with repair and recovery, and claims management services. The Group's Legal Services division, Bond Turner, provides the legal support to maximise the recovery of costs through settlement or court action as well as the processing of any associated personal injury claim.

The Group was admitted to trading on AIM in June 2018 with the ticker ANX.

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