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The Group is a specialist integrated credit hire and legal services group focused on providing replacement vehicles and associated legal services to impecunious customers* who have been involved in a non-fault accident. These individuals typically do not have the financial means or access to a replacement vehicle which allows the Group to charge credit hire rather than spot hire or GTA rates, recovering these charges from the at-fault insurer at no upfront cost to the individual.

The Group has developed an integrated business model with a dedicated field sales team generating almost all of the Group's Road Traffic Accident ("RTA") customers from a network of approximately 1,000 active referrers in 2017. The Group provides an integrated end to end service to the customer including the provision of a credit hire vehicle, upfront settlement of repair and recovery charges through to the management and recovery of costs and the processing of any associated personal injury claim.

*Impecunious - claimants that do not have immediate access to funds for replacement vehicle

The Group currently comprises four business units under the two main reporting divisions - Credit Hire and Legal Services.


EDGE (trading principally as DAMS, McAMS and CAMS)

A specialist credit hire and initial claims management business providing cars, motorcycles and cycles from a fleet of over 1,500 vehicles. EDGE is currently named Direct Accident and it is expected that it will be renamed as EDGE following Admission;

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Anexo is incorporated in The United Kingdom with the registration number 11278719. The main country of operation is The United Kingdom.

5th Floor,
The Plaza,
100 Old Hall Street,
United Kingdom,
L3 9QJ

Company registered in England & Wales, No. 11278719


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