Anexo is a specialist integrated credit hire and legal services group focused on providing replacement vehicles to consumers who have been involved in a non-fault accident.

Our clients typically do not have options to access a replacement vehicle which allows the Group to charge credit hire rather than spot hire rates, recovering these charges from the at-fault insurer at no upfront cost to our client.


About Us

Credit Hire


EDGE, trading principally as DAMS McAMS and CAMS, is a specialist credit hire and initial claims management business providing cars, motorcycles and cycles from a fleet of approximately 1,500 vehicles.

Legal Services


Bond Turner, the dedicated provider of legal services to customers, principally to recover hire charges and repair costs. Bond Turner includes Advocacy which is headed by Alan Sellers with the Group utilising external barristers as necessary to support the legal process.


PALS - is a medical legal agency and arranges expert third-party reports to support the customer's claim from either a credit hire and/or personal injury perspective.



IGCA - administers ATE insurance policies for independent third-party insurers which have been obtained by customers to ensure that the customer's risk of any adverse costs associated with the claim are reduced or eliminated



Professional negligence specialists.


Anexo's Direct Capture Model