Company History

The origins of the Group were the establishment of a standalone credit hire business in 1996 which relied on a panel of law firms to recover costs from insurers.

The Group was founded and is led by Alan Sellers. Alan is a qualified barrister and has played a key role in the development and management of the Group's business since inception.

The current Group emerged in 2006 with the incorporation of Armstrongs Solicitors, since renamed Bond Turner, enabling the provision of a complete litigated claims process, principally to support the recovery of credit hire costs and repair disbursements. EDGE (trading as DAMS, McAMS and CAMS) operates the Group's credit hire business. EDGE has a team of experienced claims handlers responsible for the collation of initial information and assessment of the validity of the claim, supported by Bond Turner, as required. The integrated, direct capture proposition is essential to the Group providing a complete managed service whilst managing its risk.